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TV Tweets - A Twitter client for tvOS

Did you ever want to read your Twitter timeline on your big television? Then TV Tweets for tvOS is the right solution for you. Relax with the Siri Remote and check your timeline for news and entertainment.


  • Enjoy your Twitter timeline on your tvOS device
  • Easy pairing with QR-Code and iOS camera scanner
  • Nice media interaction and user experience with your Siri Remote

4KšŸŒ»Photo App

Welcome to the nice world of AppleTV apps. Started as a learning and hobbyist project, 4K Photo is now the perfect companion app for you AppleTV when browsing or presenting your Photo Library.


  • Browse your iCloud Photo Library on a AppleTV with tvOS
  • Full Computer Vision on your local AppleTV device based on Machine Learning using CoreML
  • Double Tap to Zoom: Zoom into the image with a configurable zoom factor from 1.5x up to 3.0x
  • Display GPS and Map Geolocation Data as an overlay image when your image has this embedded metadata

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