Welcome to 4K🌻Photo App

Did you ever want to browse your iCloud Photo Library in a nice way? Then 4K Photo for tvOS might be the solution for you. Advanced gestures and easy browsing even for large datasets makes it easy.

About 4K🌻Photo

Welcome to the nice world of AppleTV apps. Started as a learning and hobbyist project 4K Photo is the perfect companion app for you AppleTV when browsing or presenting your Photo Library.


  • Browse your iCloud Photo Library on a AppleTV with tvOS
  • Use Computer Vision with CoreML all local on your AppleTV to detect the category of your images.
  • Double Tap to Zoom: Zoom into the image with a configurable zoom factor from 1.5x up to 3.0x
  • Display GPS and Map Geolocation Data as an overlay image when your image has this embedded metadata
  • Correct sort order of Photostream in ascending way

Computer Vision Image Detection based on Machine Learning

With the powerful GPUs even in small devices like an AppleTV I leveraged CoreML with the capabilities of Machine Learning to identify your image categories.

  • Automatic image detection with ResNet50 neural network up to three categories. You get tags on the info panel, when the probability is higher than 15 percent.
  • Sometimes this leads to funny unexpected results, but the calculation is usually done in less than 50[ms]. That´s near realtime.
  • I tried different models, but for typical photos the model ResNet50 gave me the best results. Please stay tuned for more updates, when Apple and the community releases more libraries. Just be safe: The processing is only done on your device. I don´t sent back any data for the Computer Vision.

Bringing the same experience you would expect from your iPhone or iPad

Dynamic Zoom

You will never miss a detail. With dynamic zoom you can display all the details in your images.

See the images in a new perspective: Overview of the whole image or drilled down to the last detail.

  • Dynamic Zoom Feature: Display the image at 100% to get an overview
  • Double Tap to Zoom: Zoom into the image with a configurable zoom factor from 1.5x up to 3.0x
  • Scroll in the zoomed image with the remote control touch pad
  • Support for different aspect ratios including 1:1 and panoramic scenery

Zoom deeper with 3.0x factor

Ususally the viewing experience stops with the size of your television set. Sometimes you want to see more details.

You slightly double tap on your AppleTV Remote and zoom into your photos for more details. Wow - that´s resolution!

Frequently Asked Questions

We give you some more insights about 4K Photo. If you have more questions just feel free to contact us.

  • Q: Where does the 4K Photo name come from?
    A: I always missed the zoom option on my HD TV set so I liked the idea.
  • Q: Can I use 4K Photo on my HD television?
    A: Yes you can. I works on the latest AppleTV 4th generation with HD HDMI output.
  • Q: AppleTV does only support HD resolutions. What´s wrong with you?
    A: As hardware will improve we are working then on a new version of 4K Photo to support full native 4K resolution. Currently AppleTV only supports normal HD resolution.
  • Q: All the images are so blurry, fuzzy and load slow!
    A: We thoroughly test our software. Sometimes we experience slow loading times and degraded quality of the photos. We hope to improve the image handling, but sometimes be patient and reload the app after AppleTV was able to sync all your photos
  • Q: Why does 4K want to access my Photo Library?
    A: This nice software can only read and display your photos. So don´t worry. Currently there are no built photos and it just displays your library.
  • Q: This feature XYZ is not working!
    A: 4K Photo is still my private training and hobby project. Please give me time and send me an info when you want to request more features.
  • Q: What image types are supported?
    A: Currently we only support static images in various sizes. No support (yet!) for Videos and Live Photos.

4K🌻Photo is free

You can download the App on your AppleTV App Store

Copyright 2021 by Thomas Alexnat. All rights reserved. Contact us for Feedback via mail or via Twitter @innovateme