Welcome to TV Tweets

Did you ever want to read your Twitter timeline on your great television? Then TV Tweets for tvOS is the right solution for you. Relax with the Siri Remote and check your timeline for News and Entertainment.

Introducing TV Tweets

TV Tweets is the perfect companion app for your AppleTV when browsing your Twitter timeline and optimized for the Siri Remote.


  • Connect your Twitter Account with a simple QR-Code scan
  • Browse your personal timeline with enhanced user experience
  • Read your Tweets, Quotes, Retweets and enjoy the embedded Media in your timeline
  • Two ambient soundtracks are available for better comfort while browsing. The music can be also silenced.

Relax and read your Twitter timeline on your couch

Easy pairing - scan and go

To setup your Twitter account on tvOS there are three easy steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Settings page and tap on the Authenticate Twitter Button
  2. Just scan the QR-Code with your iOS device to get to the Twitter authentication page or visit the displayed URL with your preferred browser.
  3. Enter the PIN from the Twitter authentication page to grant access to TV Tweets.

A word from the Author

TV Tweets was just born, because I was missing a nice Twitter client for tvOS. While my other iOS device are sometimes out of reach or just charging, I wanted the same experience I get on iPhone and iPad.

Although this is my private hobby app, I invest some time to make it a great product with good user experience. Feel free to contact me.

Continuous improvement is key for every app. So please stay tuned for upcoming updates.

Built from scratch with Swift only for tvOS with passion.

Long press on Siri Remote to directly block users

Feel safe: Flag inappropriate content

We want to give you a safe browsing experience. With a long press on your Siri Remote on a Tweet you can block the tweeting user from your Twitter timeline.

The user will be blocked - this option can be of course revoked directly on your Twitter account settings on Twitter.com.

If you want to learn more how to react on violations on Twitter please visit: https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/twitter-report-violation

TV Tweets is free

You can download the App on your AppleTV app store

Get it until Twitter changes the opinion about the APIs. I strongly believe in open APIs and collaborative environments. Have fun!

I love to hear feedback from you. So please drop me some lines via mail or via Twitter @innovateme

Copyright 2021 by Thomas Alexnat. All rights reserved. Contact us for Feedback via mail or via Twitter @innovateme