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Discover the visualization capabilites for your HomeKit lights. Download here Glow for MacOS

Glow App for HomeKit

Glow HDR for HomeKit is a nice companion app for your iOS and MacOS devices. It can visualize your current light setup with a glowing HDR effect, for immediate recognition and beautiful user experience.


  • Visualize your lights in your HomeKit environment
  • Direct HDR rendering effect of the powered lights
  • Support for color lamps and also white spectrum lamps
  • Running on Apple Silicon and other Apple devices

Relax and read your Twitter timeline on your couch

Visualization - Seeing is believing

Easier perception of the available lights is my main motivation to create this App. Easily find the lights via color and brighness, not fiddling around with abstract images and text.

More capabilities are coming.

Fresh for iOS and MacOS including Apple Silicon M1

Yes, it is available on multiple plaforms and devices like iPad, iPhone and of course the beloved Mac. Now including also MacOS on Apple Silicon with the great M1.


  • 100% written in Swift and SwiftUI
  • Homekit Framework with asynchronous integration
  • Realtime eventing with Combine Frameowrk
  • Built with love and passion

Data Privacy and Security

Glow HDR is collection no user data

We respect data privacy and security. No tracking, no Ads. Just for your pleasure.

Glow HDR if free

You can download the App app store

Have fun!

I love to hear feedback from you. So please drop me some lines via mail or via Twitter @innovateme

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